Sandra Bauer

Ms. Bauer’s background includes Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees from University of California at Irvine in environmental studies, and 35 years of professional environmental consulting experience.

In 1982, Ms. Bauer co-founded Michael Brandman Associates, a major California environmental consulting organization, and served as a partner of that firm until establishing BES in March of 1988.

Ms. Bauer is past Treasurer of the statewide Association of Environmental Professionals (AEP), served as a member of the National Water Research Institute Task Force, acted as Secretary of the Malibu Creek Watershed Natural Resource Plan Executive Committee, and is past President of the Los Alisos Water District Board of Directors on which she served between 1984 and 1995.

She has been guest speaker at a wide range of educational institutions and conferences, and during 2001-2002 served as the acting City Planner for the City of Artesia as it sought permanent staffing consistent with evolving policy goals.

Ms. Bauer was recipient of the AEP 2000 Award for Outstanding Environmental Analysis.