Donald Bauer

Don Bauer is the director of Bauer Planning Services, the planning component of BPES. With over 38 years experience in urban and regional planning, Don Bauer is an expert in strategic planning, economics, and design for new communities and large-scale development programs.

He has served as project principal on numerous major programs undertaken nationwide and internationally, including coordination of multidisciplinary staff, client liaison, creation of concepts and programs, as well as review of all planning products. Designing in harmony with the environment, understanding the cultural forces that shape society, and balancing the needs of today against the legacy of the next generation are the integral values which have fashioned his career.

Before beginning his career more than twenty-five years ago, Mr. Bauer studied sculpture and architecture at the University of Oregon and spent several years with an exchange program at the University of Florence in Italy. From his background in the humanities, he brings to his work a uniquely trained appreciation of spatial relationships, blended with the eye of an artist, in the planning of large mixed-use developments.